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ECO4 and LA Flex Government Grants

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**NEW Boilers
**NEW Heating systems
**NEW Insulation
**NEW Heat pumps
**NEW Solar panels

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Eco4gurus Energy Rating

How efficient is your Home?

You can find out the energy efficiency of your home by having an energy assessment to produce an EPC rating. If you have an EPC rating of "E" or below you can claim thousands of pounds through ECO.

What is ECO?

ECO stands for Energy Company Obligation. This means that the energy companies are obliged to help you reduce energy usage and reduce energy costs to heat and live in your home.

FREE Solar Panels

You can reduce your bills with FREE solar panels whilst earning money from the energy produced that you don't use.

Free Solar Panels
Free Heat pumps

Say hello to your FREE heat pump

You could be saying hello to a brand new FREE heat pump to reduce bills today.

How can I cut my bills in half?

Rteplacing electric room heaters right now, with a FREE heat pump could cut your bills in half !

So do you want to save money on your heating bills?

Say YES to your FREE government grant under ECO4 and LA Flex.

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