ECO4 Gurus

Eco4 Gurus…

ECO4 Gurus are here to help you envision, plan and action your retrofit project from end to end.

ECO4 Gurus provide knowledge, advice and compliance for all stakeholders at each stage of your Retrofit project.

Services we provide

Home owner advice

Access to funding (free boilers, insulation, solar, etc)

Project management

Retrofit coordination

Retrofit assessment

Energy performance reports

Technical surveys for all EEM’s

Retrofit designs

Ventilation strategies

Installer advice and collaboration

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What can we do for you?

We save people £££ on home energy bills.

Providing Refit Assessments to identify free boilers, wall insulation, loft insulation, solar PV, heat pumps and more.

Helping installers comply with PAS 2030 to get paid fast.

Providing efficient Retrofit coordination and project management complying to PAS2035. We provide 48 hour submission to Trustmark. Or enhanced 24hour submission to Trustmark.

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We don’t mess about!

We get it done!

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Mobile: 07831564351