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Retrofit Designs

ECO4 Gurus are dedicated and fully qualified to produce PAS compliant retrofit designs for all fabric insulation measures, heating and hot water systems, ASHP and Solar.

We also produce desktop ventilation assessments and ventilation upgrade strategies.

How much does a retrofit design cost?

The cost of a retrofit design depends on the measures being installed, how the measures interact with each other, as well as the buildings features, defects and limitations. A factor in costings also depends on the information that will be provided by the installer, and what will be provided by the retrofit designer.

A basic retrofit design for one measure, were the installer provides all pertinent information and calculations can cost as little as £35.

Additional cost will be incurred were the designer will be producing heat and demand calculations, ventilation assessment and strategies, condensation risk analysis, surveyors reports, u-value calculations and additional measures.

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